Friday, June 1, 2007

Drunk in B'lore - Day 14/21

During lunch, my counterpart and I went out to scout around office for hotels in order to have our team dinner tonite. It's a combination of 2 teams which I have trained and guided while I was in B'lore. We ended up at this club house for lunch and after checking out the facilities from mini golf courses, badminton and squash courts and swimming pool with life size board games and fields big enough to play a small cricket game, we decided to have it here. Got back to the office about 3pm and left for dinner 3 hours later.

We had buffet with assortment of Chinese, Indian and Italian offerings. Throughout dinner I got to know a lil more about each of the team members and had a good time laughging and joking around. I realized that they are all the same as the friends I have back home, eventhough their upbringing and background are a lil different but they have the same aspiration, dreams and passion about life, work, love and family as any of us. I realized that I have developed a special bond with each and everyone of them and if I were to stay here forever I can get myself use to the pace and lifestyle here, no matter where you are in the world just as long as you are able to appreciate the people around you and accept them as they are without being judgemental you will never be alone. Why is it that when I am nearly at the end of my journey that I have to start to feel more at home and comfortable making it hard to say goodbye.

Before that I had to try their local beer, the Kingfisher beer which comes in a bottle of 650ml and tasted smoother than our normal local selection back home. Was just nice with the 5% alcohol contents. Anyways below are some pics from the outing :)

Team members minus some which had gone home earlier

Around the life size chess board

Flower arrangement on a pool of water

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grace said...

u've started to miss them coz u have forgotten ur family here and u hav used to their life .... Good to know that u have fun with them..they are so nice....