Friday, June 8, 2007

That's all folks - Day21/21

As I write this I am in my hotel checking out and waiting for my car to the airport. Last day today, said goodbye to almost everyone and gonna miss Wipro, the guys there, the food, plenty of food, the commute, the fine weather and Blore as a whole. Hope they send me back here and if I were to stay ere longer I might be making a life for myself ere, get an apartment, a car, maybe a girl :p. Its a fine place. So cya all and thanks for visiting and leaving ya comments, till my next trip :) THE END!

One of the lovely girls in office

Shell Office tower in Wipro

Wipro Offices

Shell Team

Fine fountain facade in the center of the campus

This huge structure happens to be the food court

Front entrance view

Bye Bye Wipro

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Farewell Dinner - Day 20/21

Got into work at 10 am, went to have Barista coffee, had the last training recap session and took a few photos. Started to miss this routine of being driven to work, having someone call you Sir all day long and what better than a poshy Hotel room to get back to after a long day's work. Been great. Too bad it had too end just when I am starting to get used to the place and making tons of friends.

The team's big boss spent a farewell dinner at this Punjabi restaurant and realized that was my last dinner meal in B'lore. My counterpart whom I had "out-sourced" my work to and his boss were good host throughtout my stay here and I would return the gesture when they come visiting. Enjoy the photos folks.

The new trained team

Say cheese !! :))

Punjab restaurant

Wipro's boss, me and my counterpart

Me and my counterpart, Nag

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bedday Surprise - Day19/21

I ordered a small cake for my bedday in my room and had a small bedday celebration alone :(( at the stroke of midnite :)) yay happi bedday to me!! Sang to myself then went to bed. Got a couple of smses, emails and IM wishes throughout the day from old to new frens. Thank you all for the wishes and the thoughtful messages.

My first bedday cake

Funnie thing in the office today, as I was walking in after lunch a bunch of my colleagues from another department asked me, what is this, he was holding this flat paper thin square green thing, I said oh tat is seaweed, all of the dept ppl was crowding around me, giving me this bizzare look, then some girl asked, "can it be eaten, we try to gooole about it on the Internet but not sure how it can be eaten, is it a form of vegetable, so can we eat it?". I told them we eat it raw back home and explained to them the fascinating world of Sushi and raw seafood delicacies. They can't believe there could be such demand for these raw food, keke.

Well back to my bedday. to my surprise after work, the moment I walked into my hotel room, I found a basket of flowers on my table. Then walla ... a bedday cake and a card. How sweet, I called the concierge to thank them, keke. They even gotten my fav choco cake. It was excellent but couldn't finish it as it was kinda big and had to run off for dinner anyways.

My bedday surprise

Yummilicious chocolate cake, where are the candles ?? :p

Flowers too pretty for me

Headed to Forum as my colleagues had booked tickets for Pirates of the Carribean 3. Had a nice dinner with them and their girl-friends. Very pleasant bunch. Then headed to the cinema. Looked somethin like GSC in One U but... can u believe it, coz they realli love to eat, more than Msians do, in their cinema area they have an ice cream bar, some indian snack bar, an assortment of cookies and crackers counter with the usual popcorn and beverage choices we have back home but ere the choices are endless. They do love their food ere :p

Ok their cinema is huge, the screen doesn't close up, it just retains its full screen size unlike ours where the screen gets resized. Well 2 things they have that we do not, their seats no matter what ticket price you pay, they reclined, I was like whoa dude how come my seat is moving, they laughed, farnie they thought that we don't have it back home. This one I am abit envious. The second odd thing we do not have and this I am glad we don't is for all their movies they have a 10 minute intermission, the movie stopped half way and the light comes up and they go for toilet break or buy more food. I find it odd as why do you need a break for, it makes the whole experience rather unpleasant like watching movie with advertisements. Well to them this is the norm and thus they find it comfortable as I guess they are used to 3 or more hour long Hindi movies which they need a break in between and pause the movie keke. Guess there are alot of things different cultures find odd when they are not exposed to them. That is what makes travelling so fun, you learn alot of farnie odd stuffs around.

All in all it was a good birthday celebrated away from home. The new found friends ere made the whole experience pleasurable but can't wait to get back and get my free meals for my bedday. You know who you are and I already have what I wan in my head :p

One year wiser me, do I look older now? :p

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Unexpected gift for myself - Day18/21

Got back from work and headed to another new shopping street as I wanted to buy something memorable for myself ere. Should have just left work and gone straight back to the hotel if I knew what was good for me keke. Well I bought something alright, something which I never would imagine buying. Just because my hotel room has some nice ones and just because I wanted to place this in my new place when it is ready, you just need some stopid excuse to buy anythin. Anyways this "thing" is hand-knotted and took 1.5 years to complete. I bought it as a bedday gift for myself. It was well worth it, I like it alot and it was not too big and the design complements how my place would look like in my head and it looks stylish and young just like me. I love it. Sometimes it is fine to spoil oneself. It will be shipped to my home in 3-4 day's time. The seller even thought me how to take care of it and how to see which one is really authentically made, mine needs to be washed only 5 years later. He actually shown me one of the "thing" which took 7 years to be made and cost $15,000 USD keke. As this is my first investment in this thing mine is not that expensive but worth every penny :)) Won't disclose what it is and how much it costs coz I know everyone will say it is just not me to buy it, buy hey I love it and I think it was worth the money and I had the money to buy it :p Will show it to you in my new place :))

Monday, June 4, 2007

Last Monday - Day17/21

Nothing to blog coz been busy maximising what ever time left here. First day of work had to cram alot of last minute training update to make sure these guys are able to perform once I am gone. Went shopping again to buy some things for myself since I had bought so much for the rest and had forgotten about lil old me. Now I am trying to check if all the 3 weeks stuffs I had bought would fit my luggage.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rainy Sunday - Day 16/21

Nothing much to update on this lazy Sunday. Been stayin in doors to finish up much of my work for my last week here to ensure the objective of my trip is met and I can go home happy. This time next week I will be reunited with my beloved Civic :p and back to the choatic life in KL. Will miss the time I've had ere doing some soul searching which is nice to be away from everything once in awhile. Time well spent.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

My last weekend out - Day15/21

A friend joined me today to go shopping around MG and Brigade road which is simillar to Jln Bkt Bintang but just imagine the shops lined up the streets and lots of people walking on them instead of people walking in the mall like back home, no one walks outside in KL :-s Well we walked a whole lot and it was bloody hot, think I got burnt more than usual haha.

Well these roads I find alot of good mix of foreigners and beautiful local chicks around. They have poshy branded outlets and lots of coffee and bookshops. If not for the weather this would be a totally shopper's paradise. Bought quite alot of souvenirs, one for each of the people at home. Went to a pub in the evening, had Kingfisher again, the pubs ere are mainly small little establisments and this one has a DJ console, no dancefloor and lots of tables. This according to my friend is their pub cum nightclub, weird as I thought there would be a dedicated space to dance but people ere started to dance all over the place which makes it hard to move around what with all the tables and bars in between this narrow outlet. The place was packed even before 5pm as nite life ends at 11:30pm everynite due to some stopid state goverment regulation.

We then headed to play bowling. It seems that it is very popular here. My friend was bragging about this 8 lane bowling alley, I broke his heart when I mentioned ours back home has more than 30 lanes, what is 8??. Well so we played and I was expecting these people to be pretty good but I was scratching my head coz almost all of them bowl the same way, they have no form at all, almost all of them cannot bowl, no they cannot, they will walk to the edge of the lane stop and then only try to clumsily bend down and bowl. I had 2 strikes and a couple of spares, not to brag but managed to score 158, not that good in KL but somehow I could bowl very well ere. There was a group of yougsters from the next lane started to crowd my area and one of them asked me, am I a professional bowler, I was like yeah man , you want my autograph keke, none of them I saw could touch 100 points, my god am I that good or are all of them just really bad :p

We then went out to this place called "Three Quarter Chinese". Its a restaurant, and being a chinese poshy establisment just by hanging around there as it was a busy street with lots of restaurant you can find all of the orientals in B'lore from Korean, Thai, Japanese to yeah Chinese. Been weeks since I laid eyes on any orientals :p Been so use to see nice looking Indian chicks with different range of skin tone, some Indians girls ere are fairer than me, the pretty ones have very nice features and nice sexy long black wavy hair and suddenly felt abit weird to see chinese girls all of a sudden since I left Msia. If I stay ere any longer might just get one of them local girls instead :p

One of Barista outlets in town

Bowling Alley - 8 of them, wow!!

Three Quarter Chinese - B'lore lil unofficial Chinatown