Friday, June 8, 2007

That's all folks - Day21/21

As I write this I am in my hotel checking out and waiting for my car to the airport. Last day today, said goodbye to almost everyone and gonna miss Wipro, the guys there, the food, plenty of food, the commute, the fine weather and Blore as a whole. Hope they send me back here and if I were to stay ere longer I might be making a life for myself ere, get an apartment, a car, maybe a girl :p. Its a fine place. So cya all and thanks for visiting and leaving ya comments, till my next trip :) THE END!

One of the lovely girls in office

Shell Office tower in Wipro

Wipro Offices

Shell Team

Fine fountain facade in the center of the campus

This huge structure happens to be the food court

Front entrance view

Bye Bye Wipro

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