Saturday, June 2, 2007

My last weekend out - Day15/21

A friend joined me today to go shopping around MG and Brigade road which is simillar to Jln Bkt Bintang but just imagine the shops lined up the streets and lots of people walking on them instead of people walking in the mall like back home, no one walks outside in KL :-s Well we walked a whole lot and it was bloody hot, think I got burnt more than usual haha.

Well these roads I find alot of good mix of foreigners and beautiful local chicks around. They have poshy branded outlets and lots of coffee and bookshops. If not for the weather this would be a totally shopper's paradise. Bought quite alot of souvenirs, one for each of the people at home. Went to a pub in the evening, had Kingfisher again, the pubs ere are mainly small little establisments and this one has a DJ console, no dancefloor and lots of tables. This according to my friend is their pub cum nightclub, weird as I thought there would be a dedicated space to dance but people ere started to dance all over the place which makes it hard to move around what with all the tables and bars in between this narrow outlet. The place was packed even before 5pm as nite life ends at 11:30pm everynite due to some stopid state goverment regulation.

We then headed to play bowling. It seems that it is very popular here. My friend was bragging about this 8 lane bowling alley, I broke his heart when I mentioned ours back home has more than 30 lanes, what is 8??. Well so we played and I was expecting these people to be pretty good but I was scratching my head coz almost all of them bowl the same way, they have no form at all, almost all of them cannot bowl, no they cannot, they will walk to the edge of the lane stop and then only try to clumsily bend down and bowl. I had 2 strikes and a couple of spares, not to brag but managed to score 158, not that good in KL but somehow I could bowl very well ere. There was a group of yougsters from the next lane started to crowd my area and one of them asked me, am I a professional bowler, I was like yeah man , you want my autograph keke, none of them I saw could touch 100 points, my god am I that good or are all of them just really bad :p

We then went out to this place called "Three Quarter Chinese". Its a restaurant, and being a chinese poshy establisment just by hanging around there as it was a busy street with lots of restaurant you can find all of the orientals in B'lore from Korean, Thai, Japanese to yeah Chinese. Been weeks since I laid eyes on any orientals :p Been so use to see nice looking Indian chicks with different range of skin tone, some Indians girls ere are fairer than me, the pretty ones have very nice features and nice sexy long black wavy hair and suddenly felt abit weird to see chinese girls all of a sudden since I left Msia. If I stay ere any longer might just get one of them local girls instead :p

One of Barista outlets in town

Bowling Alley - 8 of them, wow!!

Three Quarter Chinese - B'lore lil unofficial Chinatown

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grace said...

b4 u left, ppl told Blore is like Dengkil...has nothing and u said will be dying there...but, u seems enjoy so much there....coz it is out of ur expectation...nice food, cheap book and beautiful chicks...