Thursday, June 7, 2007

Farewell Dinner - Day 20/21

Got into work at 10 am, went to have Barista coffee, had the last training recap session and took a few photos. Started to miss this routine of being driven to work, having someone call you Sir all day long and what better than a poshy Hotel room to get back to after a long day's work. Been great. Too bad it had too end just when I am starting to get used to the place and making tons of friends.

The team's big boss spent a farewell dinner at this Punjabi restaurant and realized that was my last dinner meal in B'lore. My counterpart whom I had "out-sourced" my work to and his boss were good host throughtout my stay here and I would return the gesture when they come visiting. Enjoy the photos folks.

The new trained team

Say cheese !! :))

Punjab restaurant

Wipro's boss, me and my counterpart

Me and my counterpart, Nag


coolbabe said...

My god! Have you gained weight?
You look "fatter"!

Nevermind. I like! =P

daud said...

Work harder in Fitness First