Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bedday Surprise - Day19/21

I ordered a small cake for my bedday in my room and had a small bedday celebration alone :(( at the stroke of midnite :)) yay happi bedday to me!! Sang to myself then went to bed. Got a couple of smses, emails and IM wishes throughout the day from old to new frens. Thank you all for the wishes and the thoughtful messages.

My first bedday cake

Funnie thing in the office today, as I was walking in after lunch a bunch of my colleagues from another department asked me, what is this, he was holding this flat paper thin square green thing, I said oh tat is seaweed, all of the dept ppl was crowding around me, giving me this bizzare look, then some girl asked, "can it be eaten, we try to gooole about it on the Internet but not sure how it can be eaten, is it a form of vegetable, so can we eat it?". I told them we eat it raw back home and explained to them the fascinating world of Sushi and raw seafood delicacies. They can't believe there could be such demand for these raw food, keke.

Well back to my bedday. to my surprise after work, the moment I walked into my hotel room, I found a basket of flowers on my table. Then walla ... a bedday cake and a card. How sweet, I called the concierge to thank them, keke. They even gotten my fav choco cake. It was excellent but couldn't finish it as it was kinda big and had to run off for dinner anyways.

My bedday surprise

Yummilicious chocolate cake, where are the candles ?? :p

Flowers too pretty for me

Headed to Forum as my colleagues had booked tickets for Pirates of the Carribean 3. Had a nice dinner with them and their girl-friends. Very pleasant bunch. Then headed to the cinema. Looked somethin like GSC in One U but... can u believe it, coz they realli love to eat, more than Msians do, in their cinema area they have an ice cream bar, some indian snack bar, an assortment of cookies and crackers counter with the usual popcorn and beverage choices we have back home but ere the choices are endless. They do love their food ere :p

Ok their cinema is huge, the screen doesn't close up, it just retains its full screen size unlike ours where the screen gets resized. Well 2 things they have that we do not, their seats no matter what ticket price you pay, they reclined, I was like whoa dude how come my seat is moving, they laughed, farnie they thought that we don't have it back home. This one I am abit envious. The second odd thing we do not have and this I am glad we don't is for all their movies they have a 10 minute intermission, the movie stopped half way and the light comes up and they go for toilet break or buy more food. I find it odd as why do you need a break for, it makes the whole experience rather unpleasant like watching movie with advertisements. Well to them this is the norm and thus they find it comfortable as I guess they are used to 3 or more hour long Hindi movies which they need a break in between and pause the movie keke. Guess there are alot of things different cultures find odd when they are not exposed to them. That is what makes travelling so fun, you learn alot of farnie odd stuffs around.

All in all it was a good birthday celebrated away from home. The new found friends ere made the whole experience pleasurable but can't wait to get back and get my free meals for my bedday. You know who you are and I already have what I wan in my head :p

One year wiser me, do I look older now? :p

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